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His testimony to God alone .. His words of gratitude and gratitude UniMax International Hospital
His testimony to God alone .. His words of gratitude and gratitude UniMax International Hospital

His testimony to God alone .. His words of gratitude and gratitude
UniMax International Hospital
The hospital that saved my father's life ..
The hospital that opened its door, and was one of the two races to respond to the directives of the Ministry of Health to accept patients suspected of pneumonia, which they say Corona ..
# This is my story with UniMax Hospital and its director, the young humanist / Basem Al-Amri
After the violation of the Suhoor Ramadan period, my father told me that he feels very tight, tight breath in his chest, a high temperature, and very sweating.
I said now, my father, we go to the Science and Technology Hospital .. We entered the emergency gate. I told them, “What is with my father, that he suffers from inflammation and shortness of breath? All of them escaped. My father was not a person. . I told them less something to do with oxygen (they refused) I have a report ..
Then the Saudi German Hospital moved and reached the gate in a tent with them. They said, "We can not receive cases from these. I contacted a doctor of my friend. I told my father to die and someone before us." He told me the spirit of the hospital on the El-Gamna tour UniMax Hospital
I arrived and met at the gate a young man of his age and the people around him gathered together The guard told me this director spoke to him .. I spoke to him (and my eyes crying blood) I said to him director of my father with death I hope you save him. The director told me: Do not worry ... from my eyes
By God, a director in the name of Al-Amri left the people around him and took my father himself, and Dr. Sharaf al-Din, and they removed him Al-Tawari.
We got the emergency and it was full of patients in the same condition as my father .. They did my father checks and oxygen .. and I told the manager. This is the car key. After two hours, I answer money to you .. He told me not to worry ... and they do not worry about the money .. The most important thing is the patient’s life .. We work for the patient necessary and the rest is on God .. Then the patient came up with the intensive care, and the manager told the girl who in the queries opened a future account for him. When God opens it to him while he is holding us accountable .. !! My eyes cried with joy ..
And the best of this .. (The manager came close to the patient and said to him: Don't worry, my dad, you are fine and he raised his spirits) and they entered him in care, and he sat in the care and we got all kind treatment from the director, nurses and doctors
And the best of all is on the night of the Eid. I met the director. I told him, Doctor, when do you sleep (because I used to sleep all the time in the hospital)? I was surprised. I said, how is the manager? My dad passes by to take care of him and all the sick by himself .. I said as long as he has a diary so that he can follow up everything by himself. The world is okay .. even if my father passed away, I was then comfortable because he did what was necessary for him, and it is enough that they received him while all the hospitals refused to receive him.
The most important thing is the improvement of my father, praise be to God, and we brought him out for the feast night in the lying room, and on the morning of the feast at 9 am, the director came in the name of with him, Dr. Sharaf al-Din and his doctors for the room. The manager said: You are my family, and the time is not the time for the sick day, we need us at this stage. My father said to the director (may God increase the men like you), and after that the manager answered a bag in which he made the feast of God and the Great God. For the manager in the name of God’s preservation, he made me a 50% discount from the statement of account.
And I said to the manager: "This is a good example. Our hospital led us to be treated in it, and I saw with my own eyes that the manager treated all people like this ..."
After two days, the director called me on behalf of Al-Amri to assure his father’s health, and then Abi Dua for his success.
By the way, I say, God bless the director on behalf of, and thank you to the UniMax International Hospital and (who does not thank people, he does not thank God)
I advise people who have a patient to go to UniMax hospital, and this is the manager's name in the name of Al-Amri, who will make sure

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